Kidney Care

In 2009, CSH partnered with the Renal Association, the British Renal Society, the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and industry partners to set up the Green Nephrology programme to support sustainable kidney care.

The Green Nephrology programme successfully implemented:

  • Green Nephrology Summits (sponsored by Baxter Healthcare, NHS Kidney Care and the Association of Renal Industries)
  • Green Nephrology Fellowships (sponsored by NHS Kidney Care, the Association of Renal Industries and private donations)
  • Green Nephrology Network of local representatives - encompassing >80% of UK renal units.

Working intensively in kidney care, Green Nephrology created a model of clinical transformation to inspire all clinical specialties. Leadership from kidney doctors is producing a cultural shift to include sustainability as an integral part of quality. Because of the partnership created between the clinicians, NHS management and industry, sustainable best practice is brought together to inform service redesign, commissioning and procurement, ensuring a far greater impact than could be made through a series of independent projects. 

Outputs from Green Nephrology include a comparative carbon footprint of haemodialysis provided at home vs. in-centre, as well as a carbon footprint of a local renal service and case studies of local green initiatives. The work is viewed as groundbreaking in the field of sustainable healthcare and has been published in a number of peer-reviewed medical journals, including Nephron International, the Quarterly Journal of Medicine and Haemodialysis International.

Photo of Green Nephrology Awards presentation in 2012